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If you've been thinking about downloading a slide show, you've probably wondered how to download a SlideShare presentation. Unfortunately, you cannot do so without an account with the site. But don't worry, there are many free, easy-to-use, and fast solutions to your problem. Read on for more information. And if you're still having problems, we have some helpful advice for you. Listed below are the best alternatives:


Using a Free SlideShare Downloader is a great way to save presentations and documents from the website. The service is great for professional content, and it is easy to use. All you need to download a PPT file is an account with Slideshare. Once you have a Slideshare account, you can upload any PPT file, or any other file format, and start downloading. Just remember to log in first. This way, you will have a list of all the files you've downloaded.


The Easy SlideShare Downloader tool enables you to download presentations and documents from the website. Unlike many other websites, you do not need a registration to download presentations from SlideShare. Depending on your browser, you can either open a downloaded presentation in the software tool or save it directly to your computer. In either case, click Save File to save it or Click OK to open it. To browse through all the presentations, click Show all to view them all at once.


If you've been looking for a free, reliable and secure slideshare downloader, you've come to the right place. Fast SlideShare Downloader is an easy-to-use program that only requires a link to a slideshare page. Keepvid works by scanning the slideshare page to find download links. It then displays all possible formats, bitrates, and file names. You can select one, or enter a special file name if you prefer.

Easy to use

The Easy to use SlideShare Downloader makes downloading content from SlideShare easier than ever. This simple app allows you to download content and keep a record of your saved slides. You can always access downloaded slides later. SlideShare has a limit of 100 files per day, which you can reach if you follow their download policies. If you've downloaded more than 100 files, each download will be removed from your total count. The downloader also keeps track of the number of downloaded slides and other information.

Does not require an account

If you're looking for a free tool that will download PowerPoint presentations from SlideShare without the need for an account, you've come to the right place. SlideShare Downloader allows you to access content from the website without creating an account. The application also allows you to download content from other websites, including LinkedIn. If you have a LinkedIn account, SlideShare Downloader allows you to sign in with that account instead.

Requires a computer with fast internet

If you want to download SlideShare presentations, you must first sign up with your LinkedIn account. Then, visit the SlideShare website and click "Join" to begin sharing your presentations. SlideShare is a free online storage service for PPT presentations. However, it lacks multimedia support, triggers and animation effects. SlideShare saves your presentations as raster images, with a resolution of 720 x 480 pixels. If you have a slow internet connection, you will likely experience slow downloads.

Does not require an account for presentations you upload to SlideShare

If you are an avid speaker and presenter, you probably already have an account on SlideShare. But if you don't want to create one, there are several ways to download your slides. First, you can upload your presentation by clicking the orange "Upload" button, then choosing the option "or upload files from the cloud". You can also use any tile at the bottom of the screen to open the same dialog box. Choose the category you wish to store your presentation in. Then, you can select the privacy level. For instance, "Private - Only me" means that you are the only person who can access your presentation.

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