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URL Opener is a simple yet essential productivity tool that allows researchers, SEOs, or any website visitor to open URLs in bulk from a list of website links or a block of text. To quickly access a huge number of links, copy and paste from a document, spreadsheet, or other sort of web material or put in a list of domain names and paths.

Why Should You Use URL Opener?

URL Opener has been viewed over 22 million times by 6.2 million individuals since 2010. You've utilised this site for research, productivity, lead creation, and a variety of other purposes. For many years, the staff at ChiefSEOTools has used this tool to locate SEO experts and organisations all across the world. Today, we are working to add more tools to this one, giving it considerable relevance in the realm of search engine optimization (SEO).

How SEOs Make Use of URL Opener

Knowing which links are on your website can help SEO experts and beginners alike weed out bad connections and boost quality ones. Use URL Opener to guarantee that any links to spam or low-quality content have been removed from your site. It can also be used to sort through article comments, which have historically been utilised by black hat SEOs to spam.

What Does URL Opener Have in Store for the Future?

Do you need to get a list of links from a website that only has anchor text? This feature can be used for simple site scraping. URL Opener was not designed to be an SEO tool, though it has been used as one in the past. URL Opener intends to improve this tool in collaboration with Chiefseotools to create a unique broken link checker that can show you where such links originate as well as where they are supposed to go. Chiefseotools also intends to improve the capabilities of this tool by developing an XML sitemap generator that will allow users to save page-by-page priority and alter frequency settings.

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