What Is My User Agent

What is my browser user agent

Your User Agent CCBot/2.0 (https://commoncrawl.org/faq/)

What does it all mean?

Your user agent contains information about your machine that is specific to each bit.

Since there is no "standard" way to write a user agent string, different web browsers employ a variety of formats (some of which are wildly different), and many web browsers pack a lot of data into their user agents. In order to understand everything your user agent string is saying, ChiefSEOTools.com steps in.

Visit our user agent analyser page for a clear overview of everything we can infer from your user agent about your browser and computer. If you want to use the detection in your own system as well, we have a User Agent API.

What Is My User Agent

Can my user agent be changed?

What your web browser provides as its user agent can be altered or "faked." Some mobile web browsers allow you to switch between "Mobile Mode" and "Desktop Mode" so you can access websites that are only accessible via desktop PCs. The user agent will be impacted if you change this parameter.

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